How we work at Appitized

And this is how we work at Appitized

We are multi-award-winning mobile app developers based in the UK.

We design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets working closely with our clients to turn their app ideas into reality.

Appitized have a large team of iPhone App Developers & Android App Developers who have experience working with companies ranging from small start-up business to large organisations such as Reebok, The Cabinet Office and the NHS.

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Windy Arbour Farm Shop

Here’s is Geoff Rigby of Windy Arbour Farm Shop reviewing his experience of working with EMS Internet to develop his new website.

I’m off up to Billinge, Wigan, to have a look. The food looks fabulous (the website is pretty good as well!).

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Digital Leaders and DL100 Club

Do you want to know more about the benefits of Digital Leaders in the UK? This video, from December 2015, is a good start point.

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Is Hinchliffe’s rule true?

Hinchliffes RuleHinchliffe has asserted that whenever the title of a page is a question with a yes/no answer, the answer is always no.

This paper demonstrates that Hinchliffe’s assertion is false, but only if it is true.

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Why do so many people hate US airports?

LaGuardia AirportFed up with Heathrow Airport? Heathrow and other British airports don’t even feature in this article on frustrating airports and hubs.

Sixty-seven percent of people who fly out of America arrive at a better airport, The Economist estimated last year, after delving into data on more than a million flights.
Source: Why do so many people hate US airports? – BBC News

And looking at the underlying issues, it doesn’t look like US airports are going to dramatically improve in the coming years.

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Coca Cola pours down Oxford Street

Coca Cola London busI was surprised to see a Coke emblazoned London bus that was chopping up the Coca Cola logo as part of the creative concept. This was in Oxford Street this week.

Yes, it was quite clever, but I would have thought the Coca Cola brand police would have prevented this.

The brand name was split as follows:
COvent Garden | CAmden | pimliCO | brick LAne

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Digital Leaders NW – Christmas Debate

Digital Leaders North West
Christmas Debate
17 December 2015, 16.00 – 18.00

To mark the end of the year our next meeting on Thursday 17 December (16.00 – 18.00) will take the form of a debate with a Christmas twist.

The motion for this exciting and challenging debate is:

“This house believes that digital saves money, solves problems and delivers efficiencies.”

Our lead speakers will be:

For the motion: Roger Longden (There Be Giants)
Against the motion: Laurie Cooper (Manchester Metropolitan University)

I hope you can join us for a mince pie or two at December’s fun and festive salon, followed by customary networking drinks.

See more at:

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