Sanity vs Vanity

Tell me, in your opinion, the positive aspects of vanity. Quick now, I’m booked to debate Sanity vs Vanity in a couple of weeks time; I’m speaking for vanity (probably in more than one way). Click here to comment.

We do want vanity otherwise we would be cheated of great sights like this:

Two Ferraris in a driveway with personalised number plates:

First car: NOT 1
Second car: BUT 2

Aston Martin and Range Rover parked outside a house in Chelsea:

First car: 2 BE
Second car: NOT 2B

Use the comments button to let me know your ideas. We don’t want our world taken over by sanity!

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Desperately awful direct marketing

Andrei, go and learn a new profession you’re clearly crap at direct marketing.

Readers, here is the first line of Andrei’s email:

I’m Andrei, a marketing manager at Traffic Buddy. I came across www.           .com and see that it has the potential to get a lot more visitors to really BLOW UP in 2015! (Sent from:

What on earth does that mean? Why would I want to ‘BLOW UP’ my visitors?

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UK is no.4 entrepreneurial nation in the world

Trend predictions tend to get on my nerves a bit. This one from the Guardian is a good one! Well written, intelligent and believable.

Here’s a mini-extract:

Michael Hayman wrote: “Rather than a nation of Goliaths, the UK has emerged as a home for legions of small-business Davids”. Michael’s point is supported by the fact that the UK was the 14th most entrepreneurial nation in the world on the Global Entrepreneurship Index for 2013, but for 2015 it climbed to number four.

via From the general election to big data: eight marketing trends for 2015 | Media Network | The Guardian.

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Dress to impress

Here’s a thought for your year ahead: dress to impress.

To be honest I would value your thoughts on this. I have just finished reading an article on Quicksprout titled, ‘How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Me $692,500.’ It makes superficial sense, but are we all that shallow and/or easily influenced?

A visitor to our offices turned up in a rather lush sports car yesterday. The reaction was, ‘He can’t be short of money then.’ Was that fair?

To what extent does the ‘cut of your jib’ influence people. I guess it must do, but I bet we all think we are immune to such things. But if $162k of clothes can make $692k why aren’t we all doing it?

NB: ‘Cut of one’s jib’ is idiomatic, a person’s general appearance, manner, or style.
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John Lewis managing director Andy Street

This video of Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, is an excellent example of a business leader communicating clearly and with purpose. He comes over as in control, believable and trustworthy – three attributes missing from many MDs or CEOs. Watch and enjoy as he summarises the JLP Christmas sales performance and the dangers of Black Friday.

The text version of this story can be found at

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Have a Staples Christmas

Staple Christmas sales cardOn a scale of 1 to 10 how shabby do you think it is when a business sends a Christmas card with a full-on sales message printed in it?

Click on the image to to see the card from Staples full size. Effectively this says, “Merry Christmas and I’ll be phoning to sell to you soon.”

Comment on this with your opinion (1 = perfectly okay and 10 = appallingly shabby). It might just be me :-)

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How many emails does it take to make a Ford?

I was at an event at the University of Manchester today. A representative of the Ford Motor Company was speaking to the audience about the role of Information Technology in making cars. Up on screen came lots of numbers and these two stuck with me:

  • Number of Ford cars produced a year = 6.3 million
  • Number of emails processed within Ford a year = 932 billion

By my calculation that means it takes 147,936 emails to make 1 car. Quite incredible. I wonder what other car manufacturers number look like?

I may have got the numbers wrong but I don’t think so. If I have I’m sure one of the lovely Ford people will get in touch.

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