Cloudfare upsell

This made me chuckle; an email from CloudFlare, titled “Keep your site safe and prevent data theft with SSL” arrived today. Here it is below.

The email looks rather like they want to help inform me and educate me via a webinar from their solution engineer, Peter Griffin. Really they want to ‘upsell’ to me.

Cloudfare upsell âKeeping communication between your visitors and your website secure has never been more important. Data can be vulnerable to theft when transferred to and from your website. One simple solution to this security threat is to encrypt your traffic with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL encryption ensures the data transferred between your visitors and your site is safe, and having SSL enabled can also boost your Google search rankings. Learn about the key features of SSL, how it works on CloudFlare (automatic, custom, or manual option) and which option is right for you. Join the webinar with solutions engineer Peter Griffin from CloudFlare on Wednesday, July 30th at 10:00am PST. Registration link: Best, The CloudFlare Team

Cloudfare upsell âAll fine and dandy really. As it happens I unsubscribed from the list and was taken to a page titled “You have been removed from Q3 batch 1 upsell HTTPS.” Here is the page with the message.

Of course non of this really matters and CloudFlare are a fine company…but it does feel like I was just a number being sold to. Not really the best parting message for a brand to deliver.

P.S. Lots of hours later the ‘one final email’ mentioned has not arrived. Not that I particularly need it.



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Manchester United bans tablets and laptops

Interesting news: Manchester United has decided to ban tablets and laptops at home their home matches.

I wonder how many of the potential 76,000 people that can be seated at Old Trafford this will affect? What happens if you turn up to the ground with your Kindle in your pocket? Do they look after it for you or turn you away.

via BBC News – Manchester United bans tablets and laptops at home matches.

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A good fit

A good fit â

Wine boxes perfectly fitting a doorway

Are you a little OCD? A colleague introduced me to this Tumblr about things that are a good fit:

I’m not sure if I find the site funny or worrying. Funny I think.

If you enjoyed that try this Buzzfeed page as well:

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CV tips from 6Talent

Believe it or not, over 50% of the CVs I see fail on at least one of the tips on this video from Ian Mountford from 6Talent.

YouTube video posted by 6Talent.

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ManyThing CCTV security app

YouTube video from Appitized.

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WeFarm and Manifesto

Well done to my friends at #Manifesto for their great work on WeFarm which is one of the Google Impact Challenge winners.

WeFarm is the internet for people without the internet. Members can ask questions and share farming tips and advice by sending a simple, local SMS message. WeFarm uses the internet, and their unique peer translation system, to share this knowledge by SMS with other WeFarm members around the world. WeFarm is making a positive difference.

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MeowChat – what is it?

YouTube video from Appitized.

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