Why aren’t the British middle-classes staging a revolution?

Wow, read this paragraph by Alex Proud in the Telegraph about the demise of Phone4U.

Privatising the profits and socialising the losses. Slowly, it makes us all poorer. So, yes, this is a lifestyle issue inasmuch as it’s about ensuring that you and your children will be able to worry about things like Farrow & Ball Paint colours, rather than getting another credit card to pay the rent.

via Why aren’t the British middle-classes staging a revolution? – Telegraph.

What great writing. Read the full article. I’m not sure I agree with every point Proud makes but he delivers a powerful argument that is well worth reading.

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Bent iPhone claims


Surely the bending iPhone 6 is a bonus? Anything that size that moulds to your body shape must be a plus point.

Experts are divided over whether Apple should respond to claims that its new iPhone 6 handsets are prone to becoming bent when carried in trouser pockets.

via BBC News – Bent iPhone claims put Apple under pressure to respond.

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£1.25 for 30 minutes

That’s jolly nice of Nectar to offer me £1.25 for 30 minutes of survey completion.

As a valued Nectar card holder we would like to hear your thoughts on household shopping.

We would be grateful if you could spare some time to answer our survey to give us your thoughts and opinions.

The survey will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and will be open until 29th September 2014.

By way of thanks all participants will have 250 Nectar points credited to their account within 28 days.

I don’t think so, not for me. Strangely, a prize draw or no offer of payment would have been more likely to get me to respond.

Side thought: The national minimum wage is about to go up to £6.50 and hour.

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Skoup – a warning

Skoup   a warning âI recommend that people don’t support or help Skoup or use their rather doubtful service.

My personal experience is that Skoup fail to pay as promised. From this I deduce that they are either a) liars, b) cheats, c) broke or d) administratively incompetent…or a combination of those things.

A freelancer of theirs sent me this message after I said that I would blog about it:

Hi Kevin, Feel free to, heck send me the blog and I’ll personally give it to the founders. I’ve chased them multiple times on this for a lot of people. Unfortunately with freelance work there’s a degree of trust with the client. I’m sorry, I genuinely am. I’d be mad as hell. But there’s literally nothing else I can do, I was working for them, its not my company.

There, you’ve been warned.


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Negotiating with your dentist

Of course you can get the price down. Learn from this hilarious masterclass.

When only price matters.

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New and emerging payments

New and emerging payments âI keep using the description ‘new and emerging payments’. I think I need to change my words for some instances.

Whilst updating account information I noticed that I have had a PayPal account since 2004. A further quick search and I found that PayPal was founded in 1998. Today PayPal revenue exceeds $5.6bn. Emerged and not new I would suggest.

I might continue this conversation at the Emerging Payments Awards next month. One of our RTD Group businesses, Appitized, is sponsoring the Best Mobile Application category.

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I’ll have what she’s having: mapping social behaviour

You need something decent to watch with your peppered chicken salad. At 16’40” this video weighed in well for me. Authors Mark Earls and Alex Bentley explore how ideas, behaviour and culture spread through the simple means of doing what others do.

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