Warrington revealed as one of the best places to make a living

The Warrington Guardian reports that:

Warrington is nationally recognised as an economic powerhouse as all of the independently produced stats verify.

Warrington is ranked third in the UK for highest business growth, only bettered by London and Aberdeen.

Our SME’s fare even better, they are ranked number one in the UK for high growth.

Add to that that we also have one of the highest rates of business start ups in the UK.

>>> read the full article and learn about the ratio of salaries to mortgages as well.

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Napping chair

Have you noticed how well timed the arrival of some marketing messages are? Yes? Well the one below was so well timed I nearly bought it on the spot.napping chair

Here’s a link to Fancy who email it to me: http://fancy.com/things/950810569613514450/Napping-Office-Chair


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Beautiful copy from Uber


I love well written copy. Look at this:

There’s little in this world that’ll stop a Londoner from getting to where they need to be, but tonight’s tube strike is set to test the best of us.

Well done, Uber. A great service with good marketing.

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Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on why life is ‘a game’

Nolan Bushnell talks about business, and life, being a game:

“When you lose a game of chess, you don’t go and jump off a bridge, you reset the pieces and do it again. It’s a game!”

Source: Atari founder Nolan Bushnell on why life is ‘a game’ – BBC News

And I never knew Steve Jobs used to work at Atari.

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When email marketing fails

email marketing failuresThe sun is shining bright – your thoughts must surely be on “what can I be doing that is work but does not involve me being in this office with no air conditioning?”

Well, that was the email I just received. Let’s deconstruct it:

  1. The sun is shining bright – No, it’s cloudy and about to rain
  2. Your thoughts must surely be on “what can I be doing that is work but does not involve me being in this office?” – No, my thoughts are nowhere near there
  3. Office with no air conditioning – Wrong, the air conditioning here is marvellous thank you.

I guess the author of this was gazing out the window of his/her stuffy office, with no air conditioning, looking at the sun and wanting to be elsewhere.

The lesson here is write for the recipient and not for yourself.

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How much does a ghostwriter cost?

ghostwriterAs a continuation of my interest in pricing methods I found it interesting to learn the different approaches to pricing by ghostwriters. Their charges can be by:

  • hour
  • word
  • page
  • project
  • percentage of profits
  • combination of the above

Depending on the experience of the ghostwriter experience and the complexity of the project, the charges can range as follows:

  • £0.33 – £2 per word
  • £2.60 – £26 per page
  • £33 – £100 per hour
  • £6,500 to £13,000, for a 100 to 200 page book
  • £13,000 to £33,000, for a 200 to 300 page book
  • £33,000 to £165,000 for celebrity ghostwriters
  • £350,000 for celebrity ghostwriters working with celebrity authors

That’ll be £100 for this post then. I think I’ll keep writing for myself for now.

A ghostwriter is a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, whitepapers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Celebrities, executives, participants in timely news stories, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material. A common form of literature ghostwriters are hired for is a celebrity’s memoirs. In music, ghostwriters are often used for writing songs and lyrics. Screenplay authors can also use ghostwriters to either edit or rewrite their scripts to improve them.

>>> more from Wikipedia

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