Coca Cola pours down Oxford Street

Coca Cola London busI was surprised to see a Coke emblazoned London bus that was chopping up the Coca Cola logo as part of the creative concept. This was in Oxford Street this week.

Yes, it was quite clever, but I would have thought the Coca Cola brand police would have prevented this.

The brand name was split as follows:
COvent Garden | CAmden | pimliCO | brick LAne

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Digital Leaders NW – Christmas Debate

Digital Leaders North West
Christmas Debate
17 December 2015, 16.00 – 18.00

To mark the end of the year our next meeting on Thursday 17 December (16.00 – 18.00) will take the form of a debate with a Christmas twist.

The motion for this exciting and challenging debate is:

“This house believes that digital saves money, solves problems and delivers efficiencies.”

Our lead speakers will be:

For the motion: Roger Longden (There Be Giants)
Against the motion: Laurie Cooper (Manchester Metropolitan University)

I hope you can join us for a mince pie or two at December’s fun and festive salon, followed by customary networking drinks.

See more at:

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Internet of Things kettle

Smarter iKettleOn the basis that you are best off ignoring the 1 star and 5 star reviews it appears that no one has an opinion about this iKettle. The promoted benefits are:

  • Save time – remote boil from anywhere in the house
  • Set wake up alarm – gain an extra 5 minutes in bed
  • Arrive home to an iKettle boiled and ready to pour

I’m not sure that would make me buy this wifi kettle for £95.00 but I’d happily receive it as a gift.

Source: Tesco iKettle Wi-Fi Electric Kettle

NB: At the time of writing there was one 1 star and one 5 star review for this product.

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Cold outreach

The first line of a deleted sales email:

I know I’m catching you totally out of the blue here, so apologies for the cold outreach. I wanted to take a second to explain why I’m reaching out.

It really didn’t grab me. Was it the talk of cold and blue or was it just the business bollocks?

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The joys of Skype

Bhangra dancers

Ah, the joys of Skype. I just received a message from Dhaval saying, “Hello.” I looked at it and there was a conversation with the same Dhaval back in April 2014. Reading it again I realised how silly the dialogue had been and thought I would share it with you for your amusement.

14 April 2014

[06:06:42] Dhaval: hi
[10:00:15] Kevin Harrington: Hello
[10:00:28] Dhaval: how are you?
[10:00:38] Kevin Harrington: Busy.
[10:01:07] Dhaval: sorry for distub
[10:01:24] Dhaval: you will be free ping me
[10:01:38] Kevin Harrington: Why? What is the agenda?
[10:01:53] Dhaval: sorry?
[10:03:26] Kevin Harrington: What is it you want? How can I help you?
[10:03:40] Dhaval: we are web development company
[10:03:45] Kevin Harrington: So are we.
[10:04:00] Dhaval: we are looking for projects
[10:04:15] Kevin Harrington: and We have no projects to outsource at the moment. Thank you for enquiring though.
[10:05:42] Dhaval: ok np future any kind of web development work plz contact us

3 November 2015 (19 months later)

[11:35:47] Dhaval – Web Development: Hello
[14:42:04] Kevin Harrington: We’re not going to repeat the last conversation are we? We have no projects to outsource. Thank you.
[14:47:09] Dhaval: Okay no issue
[14:47:49] Dhaval: If you want to need any time help please contact us
[14:48:01] Dhaval: Have nice talk with you
[14:48:09] Dhaval: Have a nice day (bhangra)

What a fabulous business development approach. I wish Dhaval all the best when he finds his ideal career.

BTW, the last message from him in the text terminates with bhangra. This was in fact a small animated gif of someone Bhangra dancing. He subsequently edited the message to show a smiley face instead. I preferred the Bhangra dancer.

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The very odd Pukka Pies survey

Bonkers. I thought it was me at first but on re-reading the survey, it’s very odd indeed.

Pukka Pies survey













As you can see, the very first question only allowed me to answer negatively to Pukka Pies. Here were the choices:

1. Are you likely to buy Pukka Pies, if not why not?

  • I don’t like Pukka Pies
  • I don’t like eating pastry
  • I have never tried them
  • Not willing to pay for a product like this
  • Other (please specify)

And when I answer ‘other’ and wrote, “What an odd start to a survey; I can’t say I’m likely to buy,” SurveyMonkey bounced my submission and said I had to give one of the negative answers.

Testing, that’s what it’s all about, testing. I get the impression this survey was rattled our and launched with no peer review or testing.

Thank you, The Pukka Pies Marketing Team.

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Why the living wage makes sense

I’ve just spotted this video from my good friend Neal Gandhi @nealgandhi

Pay more, sell more, get happier customers…hear the opinions in this short film that advocates the living wage.

It’s a short film showing that paying a living wage improves businesses. Businesses that pay well enjoy higher sales through more customers returning more frequently and spending more. They also free up the owner’s time and reduce other costs such as staff training and recruitment. This film interviews the staff, customers and owner of Kaffeine, a coffee shop in London that pays the living wage.

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