Have a Staples Christmas

Have a Staples Christmas âOn a scale of 1 to 10 how shabby do you think it is when a business sends a Christmas card with a full-on sales message printed in it?

Click on the image to to see the card from Staples full size. Effectively this says, “Merry Christmas and I’ll be phoning to sell to you soon.”

Comment on this with your opinion (1 = perfectly okay and 10 = appallingly shabby). It might just be me Have a Staples Christmas â

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How many emails does it take to make a Ford?

I was at an event at the University of Manchester today. A representative of the Ford Motor Company was speaking to the audience about the role of Information Technology in making cars. Up on screen came lots of numbers and these two stuck with me:

  • Number of Ford cars produced a year = 6.3 million
  • Number of emails processed within Ford a year = 932 billion

By my calculation that means it takes 147,936 emails to make 1 car. Quite incredible. I wonder what other car manufacturers number look like?

I may have got the numbers wrong but I don’t think so. If I have I’m sure one of the lovely Ford people will get in touch.

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Creating a table plan

Creating a table plan âEtiquette for table plans has loosened over recent years. Also the guidelines for social and wedding table plans is a little different than it is for business.

I often get asked for guidance on the rules for table plans for awards and industry events.

Firstly there are no real rules; but you want to feel comfortable and you want your guests to feel comfortable as well.

Here are my guidelines for table plans for corporate events and awards dinners like the Emerging Payments Awards and the MOMAs:

  1. Save the date: Get your guests to block off the date at the earliest opportunity. If you are hosting a table it is quite likely your competitors will be after the same guests as you. Speak to or email your desired guests and get them to save the date as soon as you can. Six months before the event is not a problem.
  2. Decide who is best to host the table from your business and also who should co-host. Generally it is best to have two hosts for a table of ten.
  3. Formally invite your guests around six weeks prior to the event. Give them full details of date, time, venue, postcode, dress code, hosts and the finish time.
  4. See the illustration above. This shows the recommended table plan for a host, a co-host and eight guests.
  5. The host should always be facing the stage/top table.
  6. The co-host should always sit facing the host and consequently with his/her back to the table.
  7. The principal/most senior guest is designated as G1 in the chart above and sits to the right of the host.
  8. The other guests, G2 to G8, are positioned around the table as shown above.
  9. Make sure you hit all the deadlines from event organisers to ensure your guests are all listed on the formal table plan on the day of the event.
  10. Take a list of your guests with you on the day. You may need to contact them, your memory may fail you (often my problem!) and you need to remember the table layout.
  11. Take place cards with you to ensure your guests a) feel welcome and b) sit where you want them to.
  12. Another thing to consider is table guest reserves. People often drop out late for understandable if not good reasons. Very late reserves are sometimes best found internally or from your suppliers.

PS: If you want to understand seating plans for official functions and social functions you can use this link to read what Debretts have to say on the subject >>> Debretts

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It seemed like a good idea

It seemed like a good idea âGet the Spring cleaning done early. That seemed like a good idea when I decided to reduce the number of email addresses and accounts I have. This resulted in shed loads of emails moving about; over 43,000! Perhaps the Spring cleaning wasn’t early after all.

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YouGov Profiles

YouGov Profiles âWow, YouGov Profiles is fun. Give it a go; type in a brand name and see the profile of that brands customers.

Ford drivers are oft older, male and from Essex. Well, I’m oversimplifying it but have a go yourself.





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What’s in a title?

I recently saw Joselin Linder on a conference stage in New York. She was introduced as author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Living in Sin. What a great title. It strikes me that to get noticed all you need is a 3rd party to introduce you as an author of a great titled book. There may be an issue when people can’t find it…mmm, I’ll think about a solution for that one.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Living in Sin, by Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer

As an aside: I was surrounded by so many fellow speakers who were authors, at an event earlier this year that I introduced myself as, “a non-author, but I have published people before.”

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Why did Google invest in Uber?

Last year Google Ventures put $258M into Uber, in its largest deal ever. Since then Uber, the app driven system that gets cars to take you places, has been growing like topsy.

Recently I have been using a lot of Uber cars in Austin, Washington DC and New York City. The service is great, the cars are clean, the drivers are polite. And we all review each other…that’s the modern way of things.

I can’t help thinking the Google’s thoughts on the future are a little developed from here. Combine Google Maps, driverless cars and Uber and we are off and running into a different world. Perhaps Google’s current motive is to gather the data on journeys, travellers, routes and trends in preparation for the app requested, driverless taxi of the future.

Whatever happens , Uber is pissing off, sorry, I mean disrupting, traditional taxis in the US. Uber has already arrived in Leeds, London and Manchester in the UK. In fact Uber are in 50 countries already.

Not using Uber? Sign up here and get a free ride up to £10.

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