RunPee for when you are crossing your legs

RunPee for when you are crossing your legs âRunPee is the silliest useful mobile phone app I’ve come across for ages. It lets you know the best time to go to the toilet when you are watching a film, because cinemas don’t have pause buttons.

RunPee for when you are crossing your legs âEach movie has a list of carefully selected Peetimes. They try to find 3-5 minute long scenes that don’t have crucial plot twists, or LOL moments, or exciting action.

The RunPee app has a few extra features, for example letting you know if there’s anything to see during or after the end credits; that’s handy.

The Timer is their ace in the hole. You start it when the movie begins and it will vibrate before each Peetime. Now you can sit back, enjoy the film and never wonder again, “Is this a good time to go?

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Bad grammar is good in emails

Yes, it’s true, in some of the best ‘commercial’ scam emails bad grammar and spelling is in fact a good thing. Did you know that this is the first customer filtering process for some email scammers? The process is that we wouldn’t fall for it because of the bad use of English but the sought after, gullible targets fall for it.

Some reasons:

  • To filter out smart users who would immediately recognise the scam, thus ensuring that only the most gullible users respond.
  • To read in a way that an American with money might imagine a Nigerian would write (for the multimillion dollar transfer scams)
  • To get past spam filters
  • To fool the victim into believing the scammer is not very sophisticated and can be tricked by the victim
  • Because many scam emails are written by people who speak English as a second language and so do not catch the idiomatic English and grammar mistakes
  • Because the spam script is recycled from previously successful scripts and the errors don’t get fixed
  • Many phishing scams do not have typos at all in order to fool the largest number of people

See the full explantation on Quora.

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Gaffa tape to fix the roads

#twitfaced @twitfacedevents

Apparently you can fix just about anything with Gaffa tape, or Duct tape as it’s called in the US. So I was pleased to see a man trying to fix a set/cobble stone with Gaffa tape. A little hopeful I thought, but his priority was health and safety for the fine folk at TwitFaced last Friday.

Gaffa tape to fix the roads â

Perhaps local authorities could buy up the UK stock of Gaffa tape and set about fixing the pot-holes in our roads.

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Hailo take on Uber

Hailo take on Uber â

Following London’s black cabs attempt to bring the capital city to a halt with their protest against UberHailo have announced that they are introducing an executive car alternative to the world famous black cab. This service is called HailoExec. Here’s their message:

Hailo is introducing a brand new service for passengers. HailoExec is a high-end car option which has been developed following the requests of business users and the need to offer a high level of service for all passengers. The fleet is made up of cars such as Mercedes and BMWs and will sit as an add-on to our core taxi offering.

It’s a great addition to Hailo’s service, but taxi fans can rest easy. If you request a taxi, we will send you a taxi. There will be no surprise substitutes; the option to select a HailoExec is, literally, in your hands.

HailoExec will be rolled out gradually to all passengers over the next few days as we test it and also to manage the quality of service.

That sounds like an Uber competitor to me. Doesn’t that undermine the traditional, licensed, London taxi? Hailo say, “No. It’s because we want taxis to survive and grow.” Read their rationale and the rest of the story here.

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Emails to ignore

I do receive some odd emails. The one below (unedited) arrived today. If you want to benefit from the sender’s ideas let me know and I will send you his contact details. But like me, you will probably just read it in disbelief and get on with better things.


Hello how are you hey I was wondering if you know anyone that would represent me. I am a very very intriquing business man with a lot of idea in letters sent to myself. Could you see if anyone could meet with me. I don’t have any money put could make a 10 million a week. If you have anyone. I kid you not.

Please call me [phone number and email address redacted] call me.

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Digital Leaders North West

@DigitalNW  @martin_skelly  @uniformtweets

I was really pleased to attend the inaugural meeting of Digital Leaders North West yesterday. Thank you Uniform for hosting the event and Knowledge Hub for the sponsorship.

The Digital Leaders North West programme offers an independent cross-sector focal point for local engagement to address and discuss local challenges and solutions. This resource network brings together individuals and organisations from across the North West, committed to delivering sustainable and innovative digital transformation.

Digital Leaders North West âAfter the formal part of the meeting we saw some interesting R&D work going on in a back room:  colours changing on a box as more people tweet about the World Cup; bits of card controlling the play back of music; an iBeacon lurking in the background as well. Thank you to Uniform’s Creative Technologist, Martin Skelly, for the short tour.



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iPad for parents

The versatility of the iPad will make it a winner for all ages:

And this is an old, but good one:

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