.co.uk domains most popular in the UK

Dot co dot uk

Dot co dot uk

The thinking had always been that a dot-com domain name was more credible than a dot-uk one.

Now, after selling the six-millionth dot-uk domain earlier this month, the dot-uk domain registry Nominet says dot-uk domains are becoming more and more popular amongst UK businesses.
According to Nominet, the preference for a dot-uk name is due to the fact that Brits identify more easily with a UK domain name.
Similarly, a survey carried out by YouGov revealed that Brits searching for information were six times more likely to click on a dot-uk web site.
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One comment on “.co.uk domains most popular in the UK
  1. Techietone says:

    I always use .UK when I can but I do find it annoying when you go to register a .UK to find its been registered by a US company. Australia has a lot of rules about who can register a .AU Domain. Maybe its time we looked to impliment this in the UK so that Domain meant for UK consumption can only be Registered by UK People or UK Registered Companies

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