Directory enquiries – the good and the bad

Directory enquiries

Directory enquiries

When you can’t get in your car you need help. Well I did anyway. And the number for Saab Assistance was locked in the car. Directory enquiries seemed to be the answer.

Whoops, well it would have been if I hadn’t phoned 118 118. Congratulations to them on their marketing and choice of number; it is the service that sprung to mind immediately. I think the fact that their call centre may be past the White Cliffs of Dover is highly likely when one is asked, “How do you spell Saab?”, “What does Saab stand for?” and “Is it a local dealer?”

Give me strength.

Anyway, I abandoned all hope on that one and noticed the number 118 247 staring up at me from the yellow pages. A number in seconds, and it was the right one.

The lessons learned:

1) If you invest in a brand name make sure you deliver behind it.
2) If you want directory enquiries I recommend 118 247.
3) Don’t lock emergency numbers in your car. Store them in your mobile as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    4) Don’t buy a Saab?!

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