Logo design – business model reversal

I quite like the look of this business, Logomarket

On Logomarket.com, 120 designers present more than 5,000 logo designs to potential customers. The showcases contain logo designs for sale at fixed prices. The fixed price includes delivery in the file format of your choice, as well as unrestricted usufruct rights for all possible uses. All logo designs on offer are exclusive, i. e. once purchased they are no longer available for sale.

Usually we brief an agency or designer, wait three weeks, have an idea sold to us and then we get an invoice for thousands. Can you sense a little cynicism here?

Logomarket turns it on the head. You can choose a logo, from a vast choice, for prices starting at about £100. For a lot of start-ups this could represent an excellent service.

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2 comments on “Logo design – business model reversal
  1. Logo design says:

    I saw one website with all different kinds of design templates. It’s a stock photography site but has vector art and illustrations. Just use those keywords to narrow your search, and then use the great visual search tools to quickly find what you want.

    You can check it out at http://xcavator.net/

  2. Kevin Harrington says:

    If you are after online photo libraries my favourite is iStock at http://www.istockphoto.com

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