Carrier bag wars

Primark carrier bags

Primark carrier bags

Sunday 9 November, from Bond St underground to Marble Arch, Primark won the carrier bag war by a country mile on Oxford Street, London.

The number of people carrying the new, brown paper Primark carrier bags, bulging with shopping was amazing. Based on this highly scientific bit of market research, they will be the high street winners this Christmas.

The bright yellow Selfridges carrier bags were dotted about but few in number.

Strangely I didn’t notice any Marks & Spencer bags. Then I noticed they had changed to a red, seasonal carrier. A bad mistake as the high street impact is lost.

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5 comments on “Carrier bag wars
  1. Kevin Harrington says:

    Good point. But Primark was full of customers as well.

    And, a question…are their carrier bags that good.

    As an aside…Helen threw my Cooperative ‘bag for life away’. Since then I’ve checking my vital signs on a regular basis.

  2. Mike says:

    Mike said…
    Last week I was being a good environmentally responsible person and refusing carrier bags in shops because there was still plenty of space in my Primark bag.

    I wonder how much of the bulging bags was due to other people doing the same?

    They seem relatively sturdy and are comfortable to carry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    now do you mean vile signs or vital signs???!!

  4. Kevin Harrington says:

    Ha ha…well it could be either. But I meant vital.

  5. Mike says:

    Their carrier bags aren’t amazing but they are good enough for me to think “this is a pretty good bag” when I’d never normally notice a carrier bag at all.

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