Data Strategy errors

I did chuckle…before I unsubscrided to the emails. I would rather have hoped that an email to me asking me to re-start subscriptions to the magazine Data Strategy would have been addressed to me. Wrong, it was addressed to Ms Ramsey.

I didn’t notice that error at first. Actually I was marvelling at the bad email. Not a single mention of any benefit to me if I did subscribe. Here it is for you to enjoy.


Re-start your free subscription

Dear Ms Ramsey,

Reference Number: 3920515

Over a year ago, you registered for free copies of Data Strategy. At the time, we might not have explained that, to continue receiving complimentary copies of the magazine, you need to re-register every year.

Please follow this link to re-start your free copies >>

If you are NOT the person named above, please use the following link instead:

New reader application >>

Alternatively, you can print out a free application form at: Please complete this and fax it back to 020 7970 4099.

I look forward to sending you your copies for another year.

Yours Sincerely,

Ed Tillotson Publisher

P.S. Do you have any colleagues whom you think would benefit from receiving their own complimentary copies? If so, forward them this link:


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