Doing business on the web

There’s tons of stuff on the internet about web 2.0. This extract from Positively Glorius! is part of a very good article.

The basic point is that if you are there interacting with people, finding ways to help them, then the rest will fall into place. It’s not marketing, it’s involvement. If you tell me you can solve my problem, I may (but probably won’t) trust that you can and will. If you simply solve my problem or help me in another way, or even just connect with me on a personal level, I may (and probably will) trust you and continue to build a relationship. It may not lead to a financial gain from me immediately, or ever, but it will be a relationship. And those relationships are what will help you survive and grow.

The article talks about about some of the fears businesses have with interactivity on the web. Use this link to read the rest.

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