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london-wasps-logoWhat’s going to happen to sport in 2009? It seems that a lot of businesses will not be renewing their sponsorship of tournaments, teams and individual sports and men and women. I also expect that paying audiences at events will decline in 2009. Therefore there will be major reductions in revenue.

Logic says that the affected sports businesses will have to reduce their costs and/or market their businesses to grow income.

Reducing costs could be painful. Premiership footballers earning less is a possibility; and it has to be said they could probably survive at slightly lower income levels. But many of the infrastructure costs will be difiicult to shave in the short term.

Therefore marketing to gain more income seems an attractive alternative. And I can’t help thinking that this might not be too difficult. I’ve just tried to find the fixture information for a couple of rugby teams and it has been very hard work. So it was a pleasure to discover a gem of a rugby team website, London Wasps, who have done a marvelous job of providing relevant information in an easy way to find.

Perhaps if more sports businesses could follow this example they could see better gates. As a minimum fixture information should be easy to find and tickets easy to buy.

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