Carrier bags: a tax

Is charging for carrier bags a tax on impromptu shopping?

While I was in Reading earlier today I suddenly decided to buy some cheese scones from Marks & Spencer. There was a moment of panic as I couldn’t find them…they are a favourite and once I get the idea my mind it can become obsessional. No problem though, someone had swapped their shelf place with the fruit scones.

As I had not planned to buy anything I had no bags with me. Is it therefore right that I should pay 5p for a carrier bag. By my estimation M&S would make a large profit on the deal. And more importantly:

Plan A: We should cease impromptu shopping.
Plan B: Marks & Spencer should rethink their high and mighty salvation of the world campaign.

Take your pick.

Lauren and Sarah, you can add your opinions as well 🙂

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