Give us a break Kit Kat

I just sat down for a coffee and a Kit Kat and noticed the promotion “Win your own Perfect Break”. So I thought I’d enter it.

The mechanic was simple: find the code inside the wrapper and enter it on a website to see if you’ve won. Executing the mechanic is not quite as simple:

1. You can barely read the code inside the wrapper.
2. You have to register with your email address before you can see if you have a winning code. This requires a compulsory age field as well.
3. During a single session a captcha code entry was required twice.

The good news: I was a winner. My prize: another four bar Kit Kat.

The bad news:

4. I then had to download and install special software on my PC to get a voucher.
5. There were multiple requests to accept secure and insecure content via the browser.
6. ActivX had to be installed.
7. Then I had to print the voucher out.
8. And then I discovered the voucher is only valid from today, 6 February, to 13 February 2009. Outrageous!

If the Kit Kat team would like to drop me a line I will explain to them how they could make their promotions completely inaccessible rather than just a pain in the derriere.

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One comment on “Give us a break Kit Kat
  1. Kevin Harrington says:

    And the voucher has expired without me spending it. I won’t buy a Kit Kat for a while now!

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