Signwriting can be bad advertising

Iron Mountain and fast food

Iron Mountain and fast food

Is signwriting on vans, or other company vehicles, part of the marketing mix? That’s a silly question really: of course it is. And as with all other areas of marketing there are times it can work against you.

So when you are trotting up the motorway and the van in front lobs all of the remnants of a MacDonald’s breakfast out the window and it hits your car I would suggest that the signwriting is working against the company.

I guess the solution is to make sure that the behaviour of company members is in line with your company values…even on the road.

As a result of this incident on Wednesday 11 February 2009, at 10.55, I probably won’t be doing business with Iron Mountain or the driver of the Mercedes Sprinter PX06 VMV.

And before anyone asks: the photo was taken by my passenger, not me!

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