Posts about UK retail marketing as of 6 April 2009

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Look for countries with strong middle-class growth — say, China or Brazil. Stick mainly to housing and retail. Focus on the long term … for marketing purposes. “You can’t view these markets
G20: US$ Funeral, US Failed
04/05/2009 G20: US$ Funeral, US Failed Debtor By Jim Willie CB Apr 2 2009 4:48PM www.GoldenJackass … reconstruction. The decline if not collapse in the UK seemed for a time to lag that of the US, but lately
SHMALTZ BREWING COMPANY GROWS OVER 80% DURING 2008 ECONOMIC DOWNTURN Projected annual sales for 2009 estimated at over $2 million 1000% … lines while producing jobs, marketing innovative label designs in a seemingly saturated beer
Hot Tuna Sales
Hot Tuna recently announced that its sales climbed for the half year ending December 31, 2008 … has been achieved by reducing our cost base and lowering our marketing costs in line with stockists’ expectations

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