Posts about UK retail marketing as of 3 May 2009

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 5/1/
Advertising/Marketing I have to love the story that ABC has some sort of super-secret metric for their advertising that proves beyond a shadow of … was a good idea. But just to reinforce that fact the Internet Advertising Bureau in the U.K. has issued … and review program . Deals like this that are huge in scope and give the marketing industry
A Buyers Guide to Motor Scooters! With so many different types of motor scooters available today buyers must do their homework before making a … months before they could get one. In the 1950s companies like Vespa in the UK started selling … a big hit in the UK as well. Vespa sold over 125,000 in the UK between the years of 1950 to 1958
Have you ever heard a brave forecast such as this? Now on a lighter note, consider this: Ramps are more dramatic than bridges. How come? … that the UK retail garment market provides training opportunities for high-end fashion, mass market
Step aside old BOGO and meet the new
By David Anttony Definitions of some English words can change quite rapidly these days … in the retail industry that stands for Buy One Get One. For example, you could say “Buy 1 DVD, Get 1 FREE
Affiliate marketing is the latest trend online. With so many products to sell and services to offer, sometimes displaying it on one site isn’t enough … . The common affiliate marketing sectors include financial services, travel, retail, telecoms … there will be more networks competing against each other. UK Affiliate Marketing Networks
Vectone Launches the Future of Calling Cards: ZeroZero Vectone, the international call specialist has launched the future of calling cards: ZeroZero. The first product of its kind in the UK, ZeroZero is a pre-paid, call routing gadget … . ZeroZero requires a one off installation and can then be topped up through retail outlets such as Epay

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