Spelling and brand image

Driving up Whitehall today I spotted a Manns Travel coach with a sign in the front window, “Girls Grammer”. Do you think the girls get on the coach every day and ignore the spelling mistake? Do you think they know the word grammar is spelt incorrectly?

This led me to wonder if there is any evidence that spelling mistakes had a negative effect on a brand’s image.

There is a lot of anecdotal comments and opinion on the web; Larry Chase says, spelling errors affect response rates. And there are humorous references relating to brands a poor spelling. I particularly like this Maserati advert spelling mistake. But I’ve failed to find any quantifiable research/data on the subject. Are you aware of any?

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2 comments on “Spelling and brand image
  1. Dave says:

    Mann’s travel are a great service, who cares if they have a spelling mistake!

  2. Kevin Harrington says:

    Dave, well that was partly what I was asking. My post has nothing to do with their service, I have no idea if it is good, bad or indifferent. I’m happy to accept your assertion that it is good.

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