People can’t read their own data?

So why is it that people can’t read their own data?

I received a piece of DM from a marketing agency recently. It was creatively good. It inspired me to delay its arrival in the bin. I opened it. So far so good; most DM doesn’t get that far. I even spent a couple of minutes reading it.

The call to action invited me to follow a personalised URL, e.g. I duly did this and arrived at a website where I answered the questions. The last question said words to the effect of ‘can we talk more about this/can we call you?’ I replied no…for more than one good reason.

Since then I’ve received an email from one person and a phone message from another.

I said NO.

For goodness sake; if businesses are going to use this type of B2B marketing please listen to the answers given!

The reason I’ve not named and shamed the agency concerned is that I actually like the director I’ve met from there. But really, as we already know each other, I do wonder why he is sending me DM rather than something a bit more personal.

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