Premium Welsh food

Henry Smithson
C’est tres illogique! ‘Croque Monsieur’ – toasted ham and cheese sandwich = 3.50 Euros. ‘Welsh’ – toasted ham and cheese sandwich, but covered in melted cheese and served in a bowl = 11.50 Euros!!!!!

Kevin Harrington
And they are both overpriced. Mind you, a premium for ‘Welsh’ food is indeed a significant marketing achievement that I may need to blog about! Where was this?

Nigel Tucker
Hey! Welsh food should attract a premium. It’s better than English food, ie chips.

Henry Smithson
This was in France – home of the finest cuisine. In the interests of culinary research Linda ordered the ‘Croque Monsieur’ and I ordered the ‘Welsh’ so we could compare and contrast. Results above.

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