Does social media cut it for B2B sales & marketing?

The current hot stories about B2B marketing and sales eminating from the US are about Facebook and its use in the mix. This may well be valid but I guess these messages are also being propogated by people with a vested tech/social media interest.

Andy Maslen on his blog reports that his successes are primarily all techniques and approaches that could have been executed in the 18th century. In ranking order of business success Andy reports this list:

  1. Referrals/word-of-mouth
  2. Attending conferences
  3. Running workshops
  4. Having coffee/lunch with prospect
  5. Speculative meetings
  6. Writing books
  7. Writing article
  8. Giving speeches
  9. Telephoning client
  10. E-newsletter
  11. Sending emails
  12. Direct mail
  13. Search
  14. Blog
  15. Twitter
  16. Facebook

So if you read this blog and visit Andy Maslen’s Sunfish site, do let him know a blog got you there 🙂

But in all seriousness, if your business is B2B and you want to develop sustainable relationships I would wholeheartedly recommend referrals/word-of-mouth, attending conferences, running workshops, having coffee/lunch with prospect and speculative meetings as ways to get those conversations started.

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