Is the office dead?

On Neal Gandhi’s blog:

Just read this article – very interesting. It discusses the rise of micro-multinationals and attitudes related to the usefulness or otherwise of the traditional office.

via Diary of a globalization champion.

The full piece at Collision Detection makes good reading, especially at a time when we are looking at new office space in London.

Our business at Global Prepaid Exchange is already a ‘distributed’ one with people on the ground in France, Germany, South Africa, UK, US and more locations soon.

Here is a little more of a taster from the article…food for thought indeed:

“Your office reflected your status, and you had to do everything there,” O’Neill says. “So there’s a lot of heavy lifting that the office had to do for boomers. The unit of work for the baby boomer is the formal meeting — ‘Bring on the coffee, and we’re going to sit here for three hours and have a meeting!’ ”

The quintessential boomer space is a large conference room with a huge table, where a dozen people can gather and do deals.

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