Prepaid gets people out of cars and onto buses

Prepaid and smart cards are contributing to the migration of passengers from the comfort of their cars and onto public transport buses. Well that appears to be the assertion.

The Go-Ahead Group has reported a 7.2 per cent rise in passengers using its deregulated bus services in the first quarter of 2011, hinting that motorists are saying “so long” to the car and “hello” to public transport.

Some of the reasons outlined for the increase in bus use include the introduction of smart card ticketing and successful marketing campaigns aimed at getting passengers to use alternative forms of transport.

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I think  prepaid is bound to be a contributor. I now use a simplyBus card from Reading Buses and this does make local bus travel easier…as my Oyster card does in London.

But let’s keep our feet on the ground here; basic pricing, timetables, routes and availability of public transport play a huge role in the decisions of passengers. I also think the sky high fuel prices, today £1.42 for a litre of diesel is a major influencer.

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