Are beautiful people ‘selfish by nature’?

(Fine Sunday reading from The Observer)

People with symmetrical faces are more self-sufficient and less likely to co-operate, new research suggests.

A study suggests that people with symmetrical faces, such as Natalie Portman, are naturally more self-sufficient.

Kate Moss, George Clooney, Natalie Portman or Cristiano Ronaldo may be many people’s ideas of dream dates, but pioneering research that combines economics with biology suggests they may not be perfect life partners.

According to a study to be discussed this month at a gathering of Nobel prizewinners, people blessed with more symmetrical facial features, which are considered more attractive, are less likely to co-operate and more likely to selfishly focus on their own interests.

The rest of the article: Are beautiful people ‘selfish by nature’? | Science | The Observer.


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