Let the survey confirm you’ve got it wrong

I was amused to receive an inviation to complete a survey. It was from the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM). Look at the quote from it below: it clearly states, “The survey will highlight just how much some marketers misunderstand consumers.”

Please participate in an extremely important survey.

A couple of months ago, we invited you to participate in the trial of a hugely important survey entitled ‘The Marketing GAP’. To those of you who responded, a very big thank you, as your answers have enabled fast.MAP, the owners of the survey, to shape the definitive questionnaire which we hope you will all now complete (link below).

The survey will highlight just how much some marketers misunderstand consumers. It will take just 5 minutes of your time but the results will, I assure you, be immensely valuable to promoters and their agencies.

Well if they already know marketers misunderstand consumers before the survey I wonder what the point of it is? Presumably to confirm just how dreadfully inept marketers are.

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