Trust: bank account or currency?

On my new mobile phone there was an interesting 90 minute video of Stephen Fry talking about language and words. In fact he described this as a podgram. Fascinating ideas.

It got me thinking more about how, with a common language, we can end up at cross purposes with people. Communication often goes wrong.

Then I came across this article which builds on the whole subject.

When trying to make sense of complex concepts, we like to use metaphors. We frequently think of money having the properties of water, as in “cash flow” and “liquidity”. These metaphors have important consequences, because they make certain decisions and policies more plausible. Take for example how that once we think of the drug problem as a “war” rather than an “epidemic” certain policy solutions become more plausible wars are won by armies, not public health professionals, and methadone programs don’t fit.

via Trust: Bank Account or Currency? « Reputation Rules.

Now all I need to do is: download some more podgrams and get myself better understood!

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