Q: What matters in B2B marketing?

Omobono, partners of The Marketing Society, set out to establish an authoritative benchmark of B2B digital marketing activity. They wanted to find out how much was invested into digital by B2B marketers, and which digital activities were viewed most positively. In other words, what works where in B2B digital marketing?

You can see the PDF summary of this research from this link. (update 2018: The Marketing Society have removed this PDF).

B2B marketing prioritiesThe slide I found the most interesting was the one that asked: What matters in B2B marketing?

What is the highest B2B marketing priority for your organisation over the next 12 months?

:: Deepen customer relationships: 36%
:: Raise brand awareness: 26%
:: Deepen understanding of target market: 10%
:: Develop brand positioning: 9%
:: Launch a new product or service: 9%
:: Strengthen ‘thought leadership’ position: 7%
:: Other: 4%
:: Ensure organisation is living the brand: 0%

And from this, the summary answer is:

A: Making sure you have a deep relationship with your customers and increasing the profile of your company.

So I guess my question is, does this just mean the priority is to sell more?

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One comment on “Q: What matters in B2B marketing?
  1. Gareth says:

    I’m surprised only 10% say it’s strengthening their understanding of their target market… I’d have thought that would be much higher up the list.

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