Charity fundraisers facing new rules

The male Red Cross chugger claiming to be a busty blonde female when he approached me near Waterloo was a further reminder to me of the damage that can be done by poor collection methods.

I was therefore especially pleased to notice this piece of news on the BBC News website:

Charity fundraisers facing new rules

  • Chuggers are not allowed to stand within 3m of a cashpoint or shop doorway
  • Charities now face fines of at least £1,000 if their street fundraisers breach rules designed to protect members of the public.
  • The restrictions mean that fundraisers, typically referred to as “chuggers”, cannot follow a person for more than three steps.

The introduction of the scheme follows a year-long trial. It will be enforced across the UK by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA).

The new regime also means street fundraisers (chuggers) must not:

  • stand within 3m of a shop doorway, cashpoint, pedestrian crossing or station entrance
  • sign up anyone to a direct debit who, due to illness, disability, drugs or drink, is unable to give informed consent
  • approach members of the public who are working, such as tour guides or newspaper vendors

via BBC News – Charity fundraisers facing new rules

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