Men’s shoes

The pointedness of a man’s shoes are inversely proportional to his usefulness to society.

estate agent's shoe

Estate agent’s shoe

Discuss (that’s what the comments bit below is for).

Evidence for this may be gained from looking at the footwear of estate agents and firemen. What are your observations?

An aside: my weekend shoes are always more rounded than the shoes I wear for business. Does that make me more useful to society at the weekend?

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5 comments on “Men’s shoes
  1. Cobbler says:

    Oh so true. Those silly duck billed, chisel-shaped shoes men wear are just silly.

    Give me a manly boot any day.

  2. Curious says:

    So true 😉 I think. I’m going to drop into Foxtons on the way home and have a look.

    Do you think there is a similar relationship for shoes and girls?

  3. Kevin Harrington says:

    Girls are excluded from this theory.

  4. Mark Kusionowicz says:

    So right – the most extreme examples are seen on assistants in mobile phone shops – nuff said!

  5. Kevin Harrington says:

    I’ve just been reminded: it is to Martin Dudley that this fine quote should be attributed to. Thanks, Martin.

    (Martin’s footwear is very rounded.)

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