SaaS and cloud services for SMEs

Start-up businesses used to have very different funding requirements. They used to have to buy in a lot of expensive services.

Today a company can launch, be effective and look very professional with a lot less money. The reason for this is the enormous range of SaaS (software as a service)/cloud services that are available to deliver everything from creative people to accountancy services.

Here is my list of services that I am using today.

Isn’t it wonderful what is free or nearly free? From the list of services I am using my favourites: Duedill, Eventbrite, Evernote, KashFlow and Mailchimp.

So your new business is off and running, with less finance required to get going than before. Maybe just money from “Friends, Family and Fools”. The next step in funding is changing as well; the serious arrival of crowdfunding is the thing to keep your eyes on.

Kickstarter is probably the one you’ve read about Seedrs and Crowdfunder are worth looking at as well.

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