Head-up display and hands free texting

Do you think this is a safe idea? Navdy are pre-selling their head-up (HUD) display for satnav and communications. With this you can now text ‘safely’ while you are driving, but I think this will be a distraction to drivers. Comment below with your opinion.

It does look a good piece of technology though. I wonder when/if it will be available in the UK?

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2 comments on “Head-up display and hands free texting
  1. Colin S says:

    I cannot see this remaining legal in the UK for long. IMHO this could end up more dangerous than using a phone.

  2. Steve Stringfellow says:

    I commend them for taking is step (using hand gestures and displaying text) as the OEMs will not pay for the extensive human factors testing necessary to prove the safety benefits. I think this is great first step and may help HUD technology growth overall.

    Although, I don’t believe the image can look as good as what is shown in the video, due to the radius of the combiner and use of molded plastic optics.

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