Dress to impress

Here’s a thought for your year ahead: dress to impress.

To be honest I would value your thoughts on this. I have just finished reading an article on Quicksprout titled, ‘How Spending $162,301 on Clothes Made Me $692,500.’ It makes superficial sense, but are we all that shallow and/or easily influenced?

A visitor to our offices turned up in a rather lush sports car yesterday. The reaction was, ‘He can’t be short of money then.’ Was that fair?

To what extent does the ‘cut of your jib’ influence people. I guess it must do, but I bet we all think we are immune to such things. But if $162k of clothes can make $692k why aren’t we all doing it?

NB: ‘Cut of one’s jib’ is idiomatic, a person’s general appearance, manner, or style.
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One comment on “Dress to impress
  1. Ian says:

    It does make a difference to how people perceive us because the world has become a place where vanity and appearance has overcome substance and meaning in most parts, especially in the western world. If you are in face-to-face sales it is also even more important because we judge very quickly.

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