The very odd Pukka Pies survey

Bonkers. I thought it was me at first but on re-reading the survey, it’s very odd indeed.

Pukka Pies survey













As you can see, the very first question only allowed me to answer negatively to Pukka Pies. Here were the choices:

1. Are you likely to buy Pukka Pies, if not why not?

  • I don’t like Pukka Pies
  • I don’t like eating pastry
  • I have never tried them
  • Not willing to pay for a product like this
  • Other (please specify)

And when I answer ‘other’ and wrote, “What an odd start to a survey; I can’t say I’m likely to buy,” SurveyMonkey bounced my submission and said I had to give one of the negative answers.

Testing, that’s what it’s all about, testing. I get the impression this survey was rattled our and launched with no peer review or testing.

Thank you, The Pukka Pies Marketing Team.

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