The joys of Skype

Bhangra dancers

Ah, the joys of Skype. I just received a message from Dhaval saying, “Hello.” I looked at it and there was a conversation with the same Dhaval back in April 2014. Reading it again I realised how silly the dialogue had been and thought I would share it with you for your amusement.

14 April 2014

[06:06:42] Dhaval: hi
[10:00:15] Kevin Harrington: Hello
[10:00:28] Dhaval: how are you?
[10:00:38] Kevin Harrington: Busy.
[10:01:07] Dhaval: sorry for distub
[10:01:24] Dhaval: you will be free ping me
[10:01:38] Kevin Harrington: Why? What is the agenda?
[10:01:53] Dhaval: sorry?
[10:03:26] Kevin Harrington: What is it you want? How can I help you?
[10:03:40] Dhaval: we are web development company
[10:03:45] Kevin Harrington: So are we.
[10:04:00] Dhaval: we are looking for projects
[10:04:15] Kevin Harrington: We have no projects to outsource at the moment. Thank you for enquiring though.
[10:05:42] Dhaval: ok np future any kind of web development work plz contact us

3 November 2015 (19 months later)

[11:35:47] Dhaval – Web Development: Hello
[14:42:04] Kevin Harrington: We’re not going to repeat the last conversation are we? We have no projects to outsource. Thank you.
[14:47:09] Dhaval: Okay no issue
[14:47:49] Dhaval: If you want to need any time help please contact us
[14:48:01] Dhaval: Have nice talk with you
[14:48:09] Dhaval: Have a nice day (bhangra)

What a fabulous business development approach. I wish Dhaval all the best when he finds his ideal career.

BTW, the last message from him in the text terminates with bhangra. This was, in fact, a small animated gif of someone Bhangra dancing. He subsequently edited the message to show a smiley face instead. I preferred the Bhangra dancer.

17 April 2018 (another 27 months later)

[16:03:56] Dhaval Patel: hello
[16:04:02] Dhaval Patel: how are you?
[16:14:35] Kevin Harrington: Not you again! Please cease contacting me.
[16:15:04] Dhaval Patel: okay

I wonder when I’ll hear from him next.

If anyone wants to meet an ineffective, persistent, salesperson let me know and I’ll give you his details.

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