Tempted to move my web hosting

To get a company to fix a problem of their creation I had to demand the name and address of their CEO and resort to complaining Tweets to get a solution.

This was my experience last week when I had a ten-day running battle to get a DNS address changed for a website.

A combination of 1st line support people on the end of bad VOIP connections and a queue of people that refused to read the notes all added to the battle.

It’s now made me think of moving to a new service provider. It would be a bit of a pain with all the domains, email addresses and databases…but it is tempting. Perhaps I’ll just start a parallel account somewhere else and gently move.

Anyone got any good idea for a web hosting business?

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2 comments on “Tempted to move my web hosting
  1. Tim Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I represent UKFast and we are a business critical, managed hosting provider, who’s company ethos is based around customer service and support.

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience you are currently receiving from your hosting provider. If you would like to discuss how we can help, and you are indeed reviewing your current solution, feel free to ping me an email and we can schedule a chat.

    Kind Regards

    Tim Ratcliffe

  2. Kevin Harrington says:

    Thank you, Tim. It’s one of those silly situations where I know I should move but shifting numerous databases, approx 60 domains, all the associated email addresses, approx 20 WordPress websites fills me with dread.

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