The importance of note taking

note takingThe human memory is a wonderful thing. We can experience, hear or learn something and then almost immediately corrupt our memory. Many people in business make this a special feature of their lives by rarely writing things down.

No notes. That’s the problem.

Why is this? Well, I suspect it is because they don’t feel the need to explain themselves or to be accountable. Or perhaps they believe they have an excellent memory.

The human memory is predictably fallible and we really do need to help it. Note taking doesn’t need to be an arduous task; they can be single sheets, mind maps, key facts. They can be on paper, be transferred to digital or be digital from the start using Evernote, Apple Note, One Note, or your programme of choice.

I have to work at note taking but the good news is that, with the use of a technology, I could pick up any smartphone or laptop and access my notes. Indeed the draft of what you are reading was accessible to me from pretty much anywhere.

I guess the point is, you want a competitive advantage in business. Having notes, facts, figures and information to call on puts you in that position. Notes make you stronger not weaker.

Remember, another benefit of the act of taking notes, you will remember more of the details by writing notes even if you don’t refer to them.

A by-product of this is that I now tend to doubt how seriously someone is taking a meeting or an interview if they arrive empty handed and have no ability to jot notes.

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