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Impending chocolate disaster

How odd, more than one person has suggested I blog about the fact the world is running out of chocolate. I can’t really add a lot to the news below. Read the extract and then click on the link to

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The reduced Apple announcements

In the manner of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, Mashable have edited down an interminably long announcement to just 90′. Well done…and it really is as simple as this. Despite the lengthy live announcement and live performance from U2, the Apple

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Specsavers: offers to make you smile

Yup, Specsavers ‘offers to make you smile’ worked for me…I smiled and laughed. The leaflet I was given on Saturday by Specsavers in Chester was for an offer that expired on 29 March 2014, about six weeks ago. Perhaps they

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Targeted ads that annoy

I really do understand the benefits of personalising ad delivery to an individual. There are  though times that targeted ads just serve to annoy. And this one is a good example. The ad is for BT Infinity. I cannot get

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We will ship it before you know you want it

This is an interesting development: Amazon has filed a patent for “anticipatory package shipping,” a system that predicts what a customer will buy and sends items to the closest warehouse near that shoppers shipping address. The goal of the system

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I want to work for Walkers

The marketing team at Walkers must have loads of fun. I’m guessing this from their output. Look at this example: “classically ready salted” “with salt from Cheshire” Fabulous stuff. I wonder if they’ve tested these lines with panels? Do you

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Colgate makes me smile

Remember the old Colgate TV adverts? This one is all about the ‘ring of confidence’. If you don’t recall it here it is on YouTube. Back in those days Colgate was Colgate and your choices were large or small. I popped

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