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Harry Gordon Selfridge said what?

The TV series Mr Selfridge is proving quite popular. Here are some of the great quotes from the real Harry Gordon Selfridge: People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of

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HMV sale – 25% off

“It’s what retailers do at this time of year, and any other interpretation is just the usual media speculation,” said an HMV spokesman. via BBC News – HMV launches month-long 25% sale. Four days later administrators are appointed…confirming that the speculation

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Contactless payments stalled by ‘speed’

More than 140,000 contactless payment terminals have been set up in the UK to date. Perhaps more of the industry’s budget should have been towards marketing as well as for the installation of the technology to facilitate such payments. Read

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Is it the end of the line for cash?

Cashless societies could become the norm but much will depend on consumer confidence in the available options and the level of security. Getting rid of cash has long been on the agenda of credit card providers, which trade on the

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What’s 1966 famous for?

England winning the World Cup? Well I guess so, but it was also the year that the first credit card in the UK was issued by Barclaycard. And who launched the first telephone banking system in the UK and in what year? Girobank in 1980. These

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The secrets of ‘showrooming’: price is not the only reason people shop online

While you fight your way around the town centre shops this Christmas van drivers and couriers are beating a trail to our front door delivering the spoils of an earnest online shopping campaign executed by my wife. I had thought that my

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Sports Direct catalogue

Of course, one of the reasons the Sports Direct till queue moves so slowly is the staff are trying to sell their catalogue for 50p to everyone. When I got to the front of the queue my till assistant asked

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