MidiMidis – official music video: ‘There’s Just Far Too Much Going On…’

‘There’s Just Far Too Much Going On Upstairs For Me To Feel Truly Comfortable With Myself’ is the brand new Double A-Side to ‘Nothing Means Anything’ released on Monday 5 April 2010 via iTunes, Spotify and all other major download platforms worldwide.

This video and single document the overall highs and lows of manic depression looking back on a period of life when Marcus was blissfully unaware of the apocalyptic psychological and emotional changes he was going though at the time.

Produced by MidiMidis and Mr Fogg www.myspace.com/mrfoggisapopstar this is a track written for Sarah McIntosh (The Good Natured) www.myspace.com/thegoodnatured and is an open and honest response to Your Body is a Machine.

MidiMidis are two tuneful brothers-in-law gifted with an 8-bit view of the world. Imagine the Strokes in Tron. Or a Speak and Spell with a broken heart. Locked away with guitars and neglected computers from 1983, MidiMidis are the only band who currently soundtrack their lives entirely from midi and 8-bit melodies.

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