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Smartphone users ignore mobile ads

This is an interesting piece of research from Deloitte. In the UK, 88% of consumers ignore adverts they receive on their mobiles and 36% automatically delete them. Just 9% of UK consumers take any further action once they view a

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Adverts with lasting impact

Someone asked me the other day to name a handful of adverts with lasting impact. There was a challenge. I started recalling Martini, Brut and the original VW Beetle adverts…so that shows my age. But these were not ads that

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Radio advertising

If you have any interest in the history of radio advertising in the UK, I would recommend the Brian Hayes presented programme titled “Radio Sales.” You can catch it on BBC iPlayer for the next few days. My favourite ad

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TV’s worst adverts

IĀ tripped across this fun site, TV’s Worst Adverts, just now. It’s nice to know so many other people think the Picture Loans, Injury Lawyers and Glade adverts are pants. Have a look for your self http://tvs-worst-adverts.co.uk/ and you can comment

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