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UI, UX: Who does what? A designer’s guide to the tech industry

Plus: How Apple, Facebook, Google and more tech-world heavyweights describe their design jobs. We’re recruiting roles in graphic design and UX/UI. Job descriptions are written and I’m looking forward to meeting some great candidates. Interested people should get in touch

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The reduced Apple announcements

In the manner of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, Mashable have edited down an interminably long announcement to just 90′. Well done…and it really is as simple as this. Despite the lengthy live announcement and live performance from U2, the Apple

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The GAAFers

BRIC, MAVINS, PIIGS and GAAF Back in 2003 the acronym BRIC was used by Goldman Sachs when talking about the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. The report speculated that by 2050 these four economies would be wealthier

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What Apple hasn’t told devs about building for iOS 6′s Passbook

Apple’s introduction of Passbook in iOS 6, an app that gathers loyalty cards, boarding passes, event tickets and coupons into a single virtual home, is sure to expedite the growth of digital gift cards. >>> read more What Apple hasn’t told

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Ten brands that gain the most admiration from marketers

Marketers might have different priorities from members of the public when it comes to admiring businesses and brands, but according to a new list of the companies most respected for their marketing, those brands that please their customers are also

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Apple could replace Orange fiction prize backing

It’s all a bit of fruit salad! Apple are in advanced talks to replace Orange as the sponsor of the annual women’s fiction prize, according to a report. A marketing arrangement to promote the prize via it’s iBookstore to help

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The Apple iPhone and NFC

I’ve been talking a fair bit this week about some of the commercial and consumer challenges regarding mobile payments and NFC. I even had one crazy conversation with a lady that felt that a YouGov survey on the subject was

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