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What’s 1966 famous for?

England winning the World Cup? Well I guess so, but it was also the year that the first credit card in the UK was issued by Barclaycard. And who launched the first telephone banking system in the UK and in what year? Girobank in 1980. These

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Barclaycard PayBand

Barclaycard PayBand was launched for festival-goers that attended this year’s Barclaycard Wireless Festival – the first music event in the country to be fully contactless enabled, giving music lovers the ability to enjoy the experience without having to carry cash.

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Barclaycard meets social networking

I guess it is an age thing, but I was surprised to see a Barclaycard running on the MasterCard network. In my day Barclaycard seemed to become Visa and Access became MasterCard (I do know that it wasn’t quite like that!). Anyway,

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Starbucks announces UK contactless payment trial

Starbucks: trialling contactless payment in UK stores Starbucks is to follow rivals such as Costa Coffee and McDonalds by offering contactless payments in its UK stores. The coffee-shop chain has signed a deal with Barclaycard, in partnership with Visa Europe,

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1,000 UK retailers set to accept contactless payments

eMoney News Around 1,000 UK retailers are set to accept contactless smart card payments this year, it has been revealed. via 1,000 UK retailers set to accept contactless payments. What we choose to carry in our wallets is an important

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Barclaycard Freedom goes to the loo

Barclaycard Freedom is a reward programme like no other. Well that’s what the website says. And I have to say it does look good. With the trend away from credit cards and towards debit cards in the UK I guess

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