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Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

It can be fun going through old notes. Look at this lot. It was from a marketing presentation at an event 18 months ago in Berkshire. All four of these words/lines were used by the same speaker. Tangibilize Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

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McPrepaid: Luncheon Vouchers grind beefburgers to a halt

Which retailer has done one of the best jobs of supporting and promoting contactless payments in the UK? I would say McDonald’s. All their restaurants proudly display payments terminals that accept contactless payments and they have made a considerable investement.

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Name and shame the door drop marketers

It’s about time I started fighting back! What is the point of having a ‘no junk mail, commercial leaflets or flyers please’ sticker on our front door if it is ignored? So, to make me feel happier about the junk

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Petrol down to 99.9p per litre

Petrol was down to 99.9p per litre in Reading, Berkshire today. Fabulous. Just two days ago it was 105.9p. It cost me £3 less to fill the tank. We are all happy enough to moan at the speed prices increase.

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