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Marketing circumcisions

How on earth would you advertise your services if you were offering circumcisions? This is a synopsis of a Facebook conversation.  POST: Circumcision leaflets through your door as junk mail, welcome to London, E1.  POST: Are they advertising that they

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What brand do you most admire and why?

Man and boy Scottish & Newcastle marketer Jeremy Blood said, in answer to “What brand do you most admire and why?: Champagne. A brilliant combination. A simple gimmick (bubbles and a popping cork) global appeal, and ownership of ‘celebratory drinks’.

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Different approaches to pricing

Cost plus pricing is one of the biggest evils within businesses. It appears the safe approach but fails to maximise opportunity. Also, taking this approach, sale prices tend to erode to the level of cost prices. This is unacceptable for

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Stephen Waddington’s equity fund

I found this quote today: I started the £1k FTSE 100 Confidence Project in January as a personal show of confidence in the UK equity market. I was fed up with the doom and gloom and was convinced that the

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Words, okay. But definitions can make you think differently. A skunkworks is a group of people who, in order to achieve unusual results, work on a project in a way that is outside the usual rules. A skunkworks is often

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