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Let’s not have the car get in the way of a good advert

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Consumers, cars and common sense

The role of gas prices in American automobile purchases When consumers visit their friendly automobile dealer, they encounter a wide variety of options: sedans, SUVs, minis, convertibles, pickups, hybrids, luxury vehicles, and others, as well as the alternatives of new

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Skoda marketing turnaround

This is an interesting piece of video from the BBC. Back in the 80s who would have thought that Skoda would rock in at no3 (tied with Jaguar) in a survey of cars, just behind Lexus and Honda. In fairness

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Prepaid gets people out of cars and onto buses

Prepaid and smart cards are contributing to the migration of passengers from the comfort of their cars and onto public transport buses. Well that appears to be the assertion. The Go-Ahead Group has reported a 7.2 per cent rise in passengers using

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Why your next car will have an IP address

One trend that has become very clear at this year’s CES is that the Internet is slowly making its way into our cars. Of course, you can already browse the Net and play music from Pandora through your smartphone, but

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