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Sports Direct catalogue

Of course, one of the reasons the Sports Direct till queue moves so slowly is the staff are trying to sell their catalogue for 50p to everyone. When I got to the front of the queue my till assistant asked

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NFC smart posters case study

So, is all this stuff about NFC sound like a lot of hot air. Are you unsure whether NFC has a place in your marketing mix. Well this case study, yes an article with some useful history and facts, actually

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The 80/20 Blog

The following is the conclusion of a story about an agency, a client and an opportunity: Sadly, this attitude towards direct marketing is all too common as it relies on oversupply founded on poor data strategy and ill considered customer

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Direct mail relevancy and accuracy

I’m not really sure who the winner is for wasted direct mail campaign effort this week. My favourites through the letter box this morning, and clear contenders, are: Boden: A personalised letter with a £10 gift voucher to encourage me to use

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