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Red Lion Foods donates £100,000 to Help for Heroes

A few years ago a friend, Andrew Gidden, decided to distribute food to help less fortunate people. This was not a food bank idea. Andrew’s simple ideas was to get people choosing his new food brand, Red Lion Foods, and then

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Supermarket shopping for heroes

This is a good story and brand to follow: Go shopping to give heroes a bag of cash. I must immediately declare a personal interest here as I know Andrew Gidden, the founder and managing director, of Red Lion Foods

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Chuggers in WH Smith

Amazing, now you’re not even safe when you are choosing a book. I’m very surprised that WH Smith are allowing ‘selected charities’ to hassle customers, sorry, use chuggers, for donations inside their stores. It’s a personal thing, but I do not

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KFC and the internet

Everywhere you go people invite you to visit their website. Often, on getting there, you wonder why they bother. I was very surprised today to note that the URL kfc.co.uk was not visible, to me, anywhere in the Bracknell KFC.

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Banks and sales and charities

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find the idea of banks running January sales a bit offensive. I’m not too sure why. I think it’s the naive idea I have that banks offer competitive terms at all times. HSBC and

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