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Credit card debt could decline as people try to take control of finances

The number of people facing debt problems because of overspending on a credit card may decline as consumers are turning to debit and prepaid cards instead. According to Kevin Harrington, managing director at Global Prepaid Exchange, which offers services to the industry,

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4 reasons everyone should consider a prepaid card

Prepaid credit cards are one of the biggest growth areas in financial services. While other countries have embraced the benefits of the everyday prepaid card for some years, it is only now that UK consumers are heading online in numbers

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Credit and debit card surcharges ‘are excessive’

High costs, charged by retailers, for the use of credit cards has been a sore point with consumers for a while now. Which? said low-cost airlines were the worst offenders, with cinemas, hotels and even some local authorities starting to

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O2 to launch mobile wallet service

For anyone that is in doubt that contactless cards are coming, read this: You are seeing a massive increase in the number of banks that are issuing contactless debit and credit cards at the moment. There will be 22 million

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The future of credit cards in the UK

I’m not sure I entirely agree with this article from the BBC about the future of credit cards. I believe credit cards will continue to develop. But this statement from the author David Black, Banking specialist with Defaqto, has some

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Barclaycard Freedom goes to the loo

Barclaycard Freedom is a reward programme like no other. Well that’s what the website says. And I have to say it does look good. With the trend away from credit cards and towards debit cards in the UK I guess

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