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Debate lost, lesson learnt

I lost in the vote for a public debate last week. It was a great fun event though and the experience reminded me how rare the opportunities for a good, robust, debate come up. The next day I realised there

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Q: What matters in B2B marketing?

Omobono, partners of The Marketing Society, set out to establish an authoritative benchmark of B2B digital marketing activity. They wanted to find out how much was invested into digital by B2B marketers, and which digital activities were viewed most positively.

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We’re all hyper-connected, now what?

Tim Weber has written a good, thought provoking article about digital connectivity. For starters, forget about PCs. For every desktop computer, there are 10 mobile devices. Around the world, mobile phones outnumber toothbrushes two-to-one. via BBC News – Davos 2011:

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