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Beadle and Crome miss the boat

Every year Beadle and Crome, the interiors business in the Oxford Road, Reading, send me a Christmas card. This of course has little to do with Christmas and their good wishes to me and my family (they don’t know us from Adam

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Does social media cut it for B2B sales & marketing?

The current hot stories about B2B marketing and sales eminating from the US are about Facebook and its use in the mix. This may well be valid but I guess these messages are also being propogated by people with a

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But BT, you know who I am!

BT’s current strapline is “bringing it all together”. Good idea…so why don’t they do it ? In this mornings post was a piece of direct mail from BT addressed to “The Householder”. Fabulous, but they know who we are; we’ve

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People that don’t respond to your direct marketing

Mike Welsh, CEO, Publicis Dialog, has written a nice piece about direct marketing and the importance of brand consistancy, tone and all  those fine people that don’t respond immediately…have a read. It made me think again about the importance of

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Direct mail relevancy and accuracy

I’m not really sure who the winner is for wasted direct mail campaign effort this week. My favourites through the letter box this morning, and clear contenders, are: Boden: A personalised letter with a £10 gift voucher to encourage me to use

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Saab: award winning direct marketing

Saab UK has just sent me an excellent piece of direct mail. The small lumpy envelope contained an ‘honorary employee’ badge on a lanyard. The hook to the offer is the opportunity to buy a Saab at Saab employee prices.

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