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BA readies staff morale boosting campaigns

British Airways has had its share of troubles over the last few years with reducing volumes of business travel, rising fuel prices and staff strikes. Getting profitable growth back in the business will be a challenge as the original cachet

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Are work web blockers a waste of time?

He points to the Palo Alto Networks report we mentioned earlier as proof of this, with the companies taking part all having multiple security technologies to control users and applications; “yet the data showed that unwanted applications, threats and bandwidth

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Resignations have increased in the year to Feb 2010

Resignations have increased in the year to February 2010, despite growing fears over job security. Data collected from 43,312 individuals in 197 organisations also reveals that earning power has dropped dramatically in the past year, with ‘take home pay’ heavily

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Motivating employees on a budget

Keeping employees motivated and engaged is more important than ever during tough economic times. This white paper takes you through the dos and don’ts of incentivising on a budget – how to maintain morale and maximise the return on your

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Employee engagement on the TV

Here are five lessons in employee engagement from the TV mini-series ‘Band of Brothers’: Lesson 1: Having a great leader at the top is critical to achieving extraordinary results. Lesson 2: Middle and line-managers (NCOs) drive results – as well

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Employee engagement tool

In this post: 1. What is employee engagement? 2. News of our new research tool: SayEngage 3. Our white paper on employee engagement What is employee engagement? Employee engagement refers to a positive relationship between an employee and their organisation,

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