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The first time we have had 4 generations in the work force

I’ve been researching an idea that will involve Generation Y. There is a lot of similar and rather dull stuff on the subject available at the end of a Google search. Yes, we know about the praise, appraisal and loyalty points. I tripped

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Pacman has wasted over 5 million work hours

We are all prone to distractions at work, be it surfing the internet for the latest holiday deals, checking Facebook, updating personal blogs or reading the gossip columns. However, are these distractions taking over our working lives? According to the

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Generation Y and the call centre industry

The call centre industry employs over a million people in the UK, and many of these are of the Generation Y era, i.e. aged between 18 and 30. But what does this mean for call centre employers? No one can

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