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Digital Gift: The appetite is growing

We have conducted two large gift card consumer surveys in Canada and France recently where we have asked questions related to consumers views on gift cards. Within these surveys we have asked questions related to digital gifting and whether consumers

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Unordinary Thinking No. 22 – Three tonnes of cash

The benefits a retailer gets from understanding their customers better through the data which is captured.  How retailers can typically expect to get higher margin sales, new customers they would not otherwise get and incremental sales of 40% above the

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Banks chase R29bn prepaid-card market in SA

I’m off to Cape Town next week to meet some of the key players behind the growth of Prepaid in the region. In South Africa we haven’t got to the point yet where local celebrities are clamouring to get their

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How to get more coffee than you can drink

The company that powers the Starbucks iPhone app is Cashstar, a Global Prepaid Exchange member. Here is an interesting story from The Guardian G2 section about a man getting 1,000 prepaid coffees. The idea behind Stark’s card is simple: if

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Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) shares its expertise with the growing prepaid card industry in Southern Africa

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS) Shares Its Expertise with the Growing …Business Wire (press release)SVS attended in their role as a founding member of Global Prepaid Exchange. The Seminar, organised by Global Prepaid Exchange in partnership wit…

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Credit card debt could decline as people try to take control of finances

The number of people facing debt problems because of overspending on a credit card may decline as consumers are turning to debit and prepaid cards instead. According to Kevin Harrington, managing director at Global Prepaid Exchange, which offers services to the industry,

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Maximise profit in prepaid with web personalisation

A ten step plan to boost cardholder acquisition & retention by personalising the customer web experience The world’s most successful online brands completely get it – it’s all about YOU: who you are, what you like and how you prefer

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