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Top 10 weird Bond tie-ups that time forgot

There’s lots of talk about the new Bond movie, Skyfall. I’m looking forward to watching it myself. Even Brand Republic/Marketing magazine are digging up interesting Bond stories. With so many brands cashing in on Skyfall’s release on 24 October, we

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What brand do you most admire and why?

Man and boy Scottish & Newcastle marketer Jeremy Blood said, in answer to “What brand do you most admire and why?: Champagne. A brilliant combination. A simple gimmick (bubbles and a popping cork) global appeal, and ownership of ‘celebratory drinks’.

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Heineken comes out of the closet

Renowned for their great beer adverts, here is another one from Heineken that I really like. It does slightly cross the boundary of plausibility as I suspect the girls reaction is a lot more realistic than the boys. But that’s

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